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Managing joint custody during the holidays

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2023 | Family Law |

The holiday season is a time for celebration, tradition and togetherness. However, for parents who share joint custody of their children, it can also be a time of added complexity and potential challenges.

Joint custody arrangements, where both parents play an active role in their child’s life, require careful planning to ensure that the holidays are a time of joy and harmony for everyone involved.

Communicate clearly

The foundation of a successful joint custody arrangement during the holidays is transparent and open communication between the parents. With 50% of first marriages ending in divorce, many parents create a yearly holiday calendar that specifies which parent will have the child during which holiday. This allows both parents to make arrangements and avoid any last-minute disagreements.

Be flexible

While it is important to have a clear plan, it is equally important to be flexible. Unexpected events or changes in circumstances may require adjustments to the agreed-upon schedule. Both parents should be willing to accommodate these changes when necessary to ensure the child’s well-being.

Keep the child’s best interest in mind

The child’s best interests should always be the primary focus during joint custody arrangements. This means being sensitive to the child’s needs and preferences. For example, if a child has a particular holiday tradition they value, both parents should work together to maintain it.

Avoid competing for the child’s affection

It can be tempting for parents to try to outdo each other during the holidays to win their child’s favor. Parents must focus on the child’s well-being rather than competing with each other.

Maintain consistency

Joint custody arrangements should maintain consistency in the child’s life. This means keeping routines and traditions that provide stability, regardless of which parent the child is with during the holidays.

Be respectful

Respect and courtesy are a requirement when co-parenting during the holidays. Avoid criticizing the other parent in front of the child and refrain from negative discussions that can create a tense atmosphere.

Joint custody during the holidays can work smoothly when parents have the proper priorities. The goal should be to create a nurturing and loving environment for the child during this time, even when the child moves between two households.