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Skilled Negotiators, Litigators And Seasoned Criminal Defense Attorneys

The day has arrived when you face a criminal charge – one that will potentially damage your future in countless ways. Incarceration, fines, civil lawsuits and a damaged reputation may surface after a conviction. You will likely have your occupational license revoked or suspended, affecting how you earn a living. You may have trouble getting employers to hire you, and, if you’re a student, you will have difficulty securing loans and grants.

You need a skilled criminal defense attorney. Gleichenhaus, Marchese & Weishaar, P.C., in Buffalo, New York, has represented hundreds of clients in our nearly 40-year history. We are seasoned negotiators in working with prosecutors to get charges dismissed or reduced. Simultaneously, we are tough litigators, ready to take your case to trial to secure an acquittal.

Helping Clients Face The Courtroom Process

You may be scared because you’ve never faced a criminal charge or courtroom situation. But we will guide you through this intimidating process and provide the strong advocacy you need. Our experience includes helping clients who face:

  • State and federal felony charges such as drug crimes, assault and white collar crimes
  • Misdemeanors such as petty theft, disorderly conduct and drunk driving
  • Grand jury proceedings
  • State and administrative hearings
  • Investigations originated by the New York state attorney general

We will pursue legal options to help you overcome the charges and achieve the best results possible. We are relentless advocates for our clients.

A Tough Criminal Defense Attorney

When faced with criminal charges, you need to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. Gleichenhaus, Marchese & Weishaar, P.C., in Buffalo, New York, has been helping clients since 1981. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and accomplished litigators, ready to fight for you. Call us now at 716-845-6446.