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What not to post on social media during your divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2022 | Family Law |

Maybe you cannot get enough of sharing your life on social media. The opportunity to express yourself and receive positive feedback remains irresistible.

This impulse does not vanish because you are getting a divorce. The desire to hear from supporters could even intensify. The danger is that your posts might come back to hurt you. Stay mindful of what information to keep from sharing with the world ahead of your split.

Money details

Your finances are likely to receive extensive scrutiny. Evidence suggesting you are being untruthful about assets is bound to haunt you. Uploading images of luxury items could create the impression of a higher net worth than you have. This could considerably lower the amount you wind up walking away with.

Negative comments about your spouse

Compromise is often possible during a divorce. If you badmouth your partner online, the chance to strike a deal may disappear. It might feel good to express your disdain. Still, the headache of an extended legal battle is rarely worth the satisfaction.

Evidence of dangerous behavior

If you have children, be extra careful. Even images depicting the consumption of alcoholic beverages could affect your custody agreement. Videos displaying drug paraphernalia have the potential to prove problematic. Judges want to know that parents are not putting juveniles at risk. Thus, you should never post content you create while driving.

Online platforms offer a chance to connect with friends and family. Their ease of use, though, presents peril. Exercise restraint when enjoying these services during the dissolution of your marriage.