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What to expect when you consult a divorce lawyer

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2021 | Family Law |

Are you thinking about ending your marriage? There are a number of very important factors to keep in mind. There will be the distribution of property, such as your New York home, vehicles and other belongings. There will also be financial matters to discuss. Finally, the custody of your children may be at stake, so you’ll want to be informed when you meet with a divorce attorney.

Set up your initial consultation

The first thing you need to do when you contact a divorce attorney is to set up your initial consultation. First, a member of the staff will run a quick check to make sure there will be no conflict of interest if a lawyer from the firm represents you.

After you have passed this check, you will then set down with your potential lawyer in order to discuss the details of your divorce. The lawyer will ask you for all of the relevant facts concerning the case. This is the time during which you will be able to decide if the lawyer you are talking to is right for your needs.

Discuss the pros and cons

Your lawyer will discuss with you all of the various pros and cons that come with a divorce settlement. For example, if there was a prenuptial agreement in place, your lawyer can examine it to determine its viability. If there is a long list of disputed assets, your lawyer can help ascertain your chances of keeping most or all of them.

No lawyer can give you a guarantee of victory. However, they may furnish you with a realistic idea of your chances if you expect an open court battle. This will help you determine your next course of action.

It’s time to make up your mind

Once you are clear on all of your various legal options, it will be time for you to make up your mind. Do you want to go through with your divorce or seek alternative means of resolution through counseling or arbitration? The advice of a lawyer may be crucial in helping you to make the right choice.